Ltd  “Skārda Serviss” is the leading company in the Vidzeme region in the sector of roofing sales, roof assembly works and tin works. 


The company offers full-range roof assembly works, including:

  • taking site measurements,
  • providing consulting, 
  • Profesionālas konsultācijas
  • drawing up labour cost estimates,
  • constructing roof structure,
  • disassembling old roof, 
  • installing membrane, 
  • assembling roof lathing,
  • installing various types of roofing,
  • finishing roof overhang using wooden boards,
  • assembling water drainage system and roof safety elements. 

We are working with the following range of roofing - Weckman (steel roofing), Cembrit (non-asbestos wavy slate roofing) and Monier (clay and metal roofing tiles). Also, we are the official distributors of ORIMA roof safety elements - roof walkways, snow guards, safety barriers, etc. - in Latvia.

Furthermore the company carries out the manufacture of standard and non-standard tin parts by order - for example, rainwater and ventilation systems, tin smoke stacks and roof safety elements - sheet cutting and punching. We also specialize in various non-standard tin restoration works.  

The address of our main office is: Valmiera, V. Baloža iela 13a. However, the company’s operations cover the entire territory of the Vidzeme region. The company employs a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Skārda Serviss – the safest choice for your roofing!